Crim Radio is DEDICATED to streaming Independent and New Rock and Metal bands from around the world. Focused on the New and Independent, but streaming along side the big guys. This allows for comparison between Independent and Signed, letting everyone know what they are missing by not catching the local scene.
Working with many others that support Independent bands as well as supporting the local scene, Crim Radio strives to help get those willing to work the exposure they need and deserve.

Top 10 Tracks by Playback On Crim Radio Oct 7, 2017

1. Killcode – Tied
2. Panic Era – Wake Up
3. Tragedy Machine – You’re Mine
4. Ashes To Ashes – Path In The Dark
5. Motion Device – Giving Us Life
6. Desired Redemption – Break Out
7. Papa Roach – Devil
8. Para Bellum – Black & Red
9. The Darker my Horizon – There’s Gotta Be
10. The Taking – So Close

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